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Switch video decoder

Can I switch between software and hardwarde codecs while playing videos in Android ?

Yes, CnX Player lets user to switch between hardware and software video codecs.

CnX Plyer has highly optimized video codecs implementation. By default CnX player uses hardware video decoders to play a file , because of its own benefits.

To switch between default video codec follow the steps below:

Switch video decoder | CnX Player | Android - Phone / Tablet | Google Play

  • Open Navigation bar from the toggle button at top left corner on the main screen.
  • Select Settings and then select Select video decoder. Choose the option among hardware and software.
To switch codec while playing video , follow the steps below:
Switch Video Decoder | Android | CnX Player
  • Tap on settings button on top right corner.
  • Select video decoder and select the desired codec.

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