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Amazon Fire TV Casting

Which is the best app for casting video in mobile to TV using Fire TV Stick - Cast All videos using Fire TV stick

How to watch videos on TV via Android using Amazon Fire TV ?

CnX Player comes with an exciting feature through which you can easily enjoy your favorite videos by viewing them on a bigger screen like a TV. Make sure you have subscribed for the Video casting feature from Navigation menu --> Upgrade feature.

Amazon Fire TV Casting Streaming | CnX Player | Android - Phone / Tablet | Google Play

Follow the steps below to set up video casting from Android device to bigger screens like TV via Amazon Fire TV:

  • Amazon Fire TV stick and Android Phone or tablet from where casting is to be done should be connected in the same wifi network.
  • Make sure that the Amazon FireTV device is switched on and it is connected to the TV on which you wish you cast the videos.
  • On the video playback full screen, there is a TV icon on top right. Tap on this icon and select Amazon Fire TV from there. List of all the devices (TVs, bigger screens, computers etc.) that are connected to Amazon Fire TV will be displayed here. Select the device on which you which to cast the video.
  • As soon as CnX Player gets connected to Amazon Fire-TV device, splash screen will appear on CnX Player and your video will start playing on the device you selected in step 2.
  • Video playback controls can be easily controlled through CnX Player on your Android device.
  • CnX Player also supports Amazon Fire TV remote controls, so the video playback can be controlled from this remote too.

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