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Media Storage

How to access all videos in iTunes, Camera and other videos in one app in iPhone iPad ?

Another awesome feature that CnX Player offers its iPhone/iPad users is accessing any video file in the device or in the same wifi network with a much simplicity.

CnX Player has 3 different storage:

  • iTunes Media storage - This will show all the videos in your iTunes gallery.
  • Camera Media storage - This view has all the videos that are recorded using your device camera.
  • CnX Media storage -This is the storage where you can copy all kind of videos (which might not be supported by native player) and play and edit them in CnX player. You can add or copy videos to this storage via multiple options available in the app.

The best thing for iPhone/iPad users is that using CnX Player they can view videos from iTunes, camera storage and CnX media storage(other videos) in one app only. User does not need to switch app to enjoy different videos. CnX Player makes it hassle free for its user. You just need to switch the storage views within the app and that's pretty simple.

Follow the below steps to change the video storage :

Media storage | CnX Player | iOS - iPhone / iPad | iTunes

  • To change storage click on the More option button which appears at right side of the history view.
  • From the More options settings which gets appear after clicking button. Select the storage which you like to display.
  • The storage which we support are CnX Media, iTunes Media and Camera Media
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