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Add media via File sharing

How to transfer videos from PC (Windows, Mac or others) to iPhone/iPad using iTunes File sharing ?

CnX 4K Video Player lets you play ALL video formats including MKV, TS, AVI , HEVC , VP9, VP & others with much ease ! Most of the video players including the native iPhone video player is unable to play certain video formats. There is also a limitation on certain video formats that are not allowed to be transferred into the iPhone/iPad, such as HEVC, MKV, TS , AVI etc. But the good thing is using CnX Video Player all limitations are removed :-) . Using File sharing feature of iTunes you can easily transfer any kind of video format into CnX Player to play.

Follow the below steps to copy ANY video from ANY PC to your iPhone & iPad via CnX Video Player :

Add media via file sharing | CnX Player | iOS - iPhone / iPad | iTunes

Quick video transfer to iPhone via file sharing

  • Open iTunes and select the device into which you want to copy videos.
  • From the left bar click on the File sharing option. All apps (those who support file sharing) will start appearing in iTunes.
  • Select the "CnX Player" app from the list and start adding files into it by clicking Add button OR by just dragging the video files into the space opened.
  • The videos which are copied can be viewed in the CnX Media.
  • To open CnX Media in application, please visit more options settings by clicking on the More option button at right bottom side of history view. From that very opened view click on the CnX Media and all the copied videos will get appear in the application.

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