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Personalized video view options

  • Click / Tap on "More option" button which appears on the top right corner of the video library screen on right side of the player.
  • A popup will appear which will list all the 3 ("Album View" , "List View" and "Folder View") view options and Video sorting options.
  • Select the view as per your personal choice.
  • Each view has its own advantage based upon the information related to videos.


Gesture controls

Rewind video

Double Click / Tap on left side of the video playback screen to rewind the video by 10 seconds on every Click / Tap. Every continuous left double Click / Tap will rewind the video in multiple of 10 seconds each. Which means continuous double Click / Tap on left side of the playback screen will rewind the video by 10 sec, 20 sec , 30 sec, 40 sec and so on up to the start of video .....

Rewind Video

Full Screen Window

Double Click / Tap in center of the video playback screen to switch to & from Full Screen Window.

Double Click

Control Volume

Controlling the volume while watching a video in CnX Player is just a swipe up and down ! Right side of the video playback screen lets user to control the volume. Swipe up to increase the volume and swipe down to reduce the volume.

Control Volume

Change brightness

Easily change the brightness of a video while you are watching it, without switching any window. Screen brightness can be controlled by swiping up and down on left hand side of the playback screen. Swipe up to increase and swipe down to reduce brightness.

Change Brightness

Seek Video

Seek the video to back location or forward location by just dragging the seek bar at the bottom of video playback screen.

Seek Video


Color themes

  • Open Navigation bar from the toggle button at top left corner on the main screen.
  • Select Settings option.
  • Choose the theme you wish to as per your mood !
  • Available themes: Harmony, Soothing, Sweet& Tender, Heaven, Creativity, Optimism, Cool & Calm, Rejuvenation.