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Add videos

  • Open Manage folders via navigation menu or via quick access bar.
  • On the Manage folders screen, click on Add.
  • This will show up the folders (With and without videos).
  • Select the folder whose videos you wish to add to CnX Player gallery.
  • Click on close. All the videos (If any) in the folders showing up in "Manage Folders" window will show up in CnX Player video gallery.


Quick Play

Drag & Drop - Open CnX Player first. Then drag the video you wish to play and drop it in CnX Player window. This will play the video.

Quick Play - Drag and Drop

Open file via navigation menu - Select Open file menu from navigation menu and choose the video you wish to play.

Quick Play Navigation



  • Playlist window will show up all the playlists created by user.
  • To create a new playlist , click on "+" and create your own playlist.
  • Click on the playlist to which you wish to add videos. This will list down all the videos added to CnX Player.
  • Select the videos you wish to add to the playlist and its all done !
  • To rename or delete the playlist, click on more options in the playlist window and select the action you wish to perform.


    NOTE : Removing playlist or videos from the playlist WILL NOT delete the video from CnX Player or your PC & tablet. This will just remove from the playlist.

    What makes CnX Player Playlist unique ?

    Playlists in CnX Player is not the same as other playlists ! The unique and amazing feature about CnX Player playlist is that while you are watching videos from the playlist, you can browse the main video gallery without interrupting with the playlist view. If you have chosen for loop play of videos, the entire collection of videos in the playlist will play continuously.

    Its just a single click on playlist icon on player screen to switch to another playlist.


Rename Video

  • Right click on the video in video gallery screen on right side.
  • Video properties window will open up.
  • Click on more options icon just next to play button.
  • Select rename from here and change the video file name.

You can edit a video file via "Edit" option in the quick links tab on top of the video gallery screen.

add videos
  • To edit video you need to be in either "List View" or in "Grid View".
  • Click on Edit. All the videos in current view will appear here.
  • Select the videos you wish to rename and give the new name.

Note: Renaming videos in CnX Player will rename the video file in PC & tablet also. Video that is currently being played can not be renamed.


Delete videos

  • Click on Edit in the quick access bar.
  • Edit View will open up.
  • For single delete, simply click on delete icon on the video thumbnail.
  • To delete multiple videos in a single go, select the videos and click on delete icon at the bottom of screen.

Single video delete via video gallery window.

Delete Video
  • Right click on video.
  • Video properties screen will appear. Click on more options on the right side of this screen.
  • Choose delete from here.


Remove videos from library

  • Remove the folder from CnX Player which contains those videos.
    Note - this will not delete your videos. They are safe !
  • Move that video from the folder in file browser and keep it at other location. Then refresh CnX Player video library through refresh button in quick access bar. You will now not see that video in CnX Player.

Videos not showing up in Manage folders

  • The added folder has at least one video file in it. If it does not have any video file in it, you can add videos to it via PC / Tablet file browser. Then simply click on refresh icon in the quick access bar at the top right corner. The video will now show up.
  • Check out for the folder permissions of the folder via folder properties in the file browser. Make sure the account with which you are accessing CnX Player , should have Read permission on this folder. If not change it and the refresh the CnX Player video library by clicking on Refresh in Quick Edit bar on top right corner of the app.