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Video Codecs

How to find video codec information of the video being played?

Video Codecs | CnX Player | Android - Phone / Tablet | Google Play

To check the video codec information of a video, follow the following steps:

  • 1. Click on "Settings" button on full screen video playback.
  • 2. Select "Properties" menu from there.
  • 3. Under the Video section there is codec information available.

CnX Player has highly optimized implementation of next generation hardware and software video codecs. Video codecs are highly responsible for giving the best visual experience. CnX Player's codecs implementation uses hardware acceleration, which makes it consume very less battery. By default hardware video codec is used to play video. However there is an option to change hardware codec to software codec through the Menu option of the player on top left corner of the home screen.

CnX Player supports following video codecs:

- H.265 ( x265 ) or HEVC

- H.265 ( H265 ) or HEVC 10-bit

- H.264 ( x264 ) or AVC

- H.264 ( H264 ) or AVC 10bit

- Google VP9

- Google VP9 10 bit

- MPEG-4 ( MPEG4 )

- MPEG-2 ( MPEG2)

- VP8

- VC-1 ( VC1) or WMV

- H.263 (H263)

If there is an issue being faced while playing the video, please share the video file at support@cnxplayer.com

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