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Hide/Show videos

How to Hide and unhide videos in Android Video Player ?

If you don’t want to see some videos come up in the video browsing pane of CnX Player, its very simple to hide the video ! Reason to hide a folder could be :

  • Parental control - Don't want kids to view some videos on the device.
  • There are tons of videos in the device and you don't want to see them all.
  • Privacy from others.
  • Or any other reason.

Hide/show video | CnX Player | Android - Phone / Tablet | Google Play

To hide or show the videos, you need to hide or show the folder that contains the video. If you wish to hide selective videos, then use create a new folder and put those videos in this folder and then hide or show it. Follow the following steps::

  • Click on More option button which appears on the bottom right corner of the video history screen.
  • A popup will appear which will have Show/Hide Videos option at the bottom. Tap on this.
  • List of folders that have videos in them will appear here.
  • By default all the videos are shown, so none is hidden.
  • Tap on the folder which you wish to hide. Hidden folder will highlighted in red.
  • All the videos in the hidden folder will NOT BE SHOWN in the video collection.
  • To unhide or show the video, simply tap on the hidden folder and it will now show up in the video collection.

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