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ChromeCast Casting

Is it possible to watch/cast video using Google ChromeCast via iPhone/iPad ?

Yes ! CnX Player comes with an exciting feature through which you can easily enjoy your favorite videos in your iPhone/iPad on a bigger screen like a TV by using Google ChromeCast casting.

Make sure you have subscribed for the Video casting feature from Navigation menu --> Upgrade feature.

Follow the below steps to make video work on big screen using ChromeCast device:

Chromecast Video Casting | CnX Player | iOS - iPhone / iPad | iTunes

  • Make sure you have switch on the ChromeCast device and made it connect to your TV.
  • You will notice ChromeCast icon on top right side of player screen. Tap on that icon and select the device on to which you want to cast video.
  • As soon as application gets connected to ChromeCast device, splash screen will appear on application and the video will get cast on to your TV.
  • You can control the playback from the application.

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