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Add media via File sharing

  • Open iTunes and select the device into which you want to copy videos.
  • From the left bar click on the File sharing option. All apps (those who support file sharing) will start appearing in iTunes.
  • Select the "CnX Player" app from the list and start adding files into it by clicking Add button OR by just dragging the video files into the space opened.
  • The videos which are copied can be viewed in the CnX Media.
  • To open CnX Media in application, please visit more options settings by clicking on the More option button at right bottom side of history view. From that very opened view click on the CnX Media and all the copied videos will get appear in the application.


Video Codecs | Intel Aided HW+

  • Click on Settings button on full screen video playback.
  • Select Properties menu from there.
  • Under the Video section there is codec information available.
  • If there is an issue being faced while playing the video, please share the video file at support@cnxplayer.com


How to transfer HEVC videos to iPhone,iPad?

HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265, is a video compression standard that promises a 50% better compression rate with 0 quality loss. Imagine – what if a movie, that’s in absolutely stunning quality, could take up 50% less space? For example, a 10 GB file can become twice as smaller. There’s a lot to learn about HEVC video codec and how to use it in everyday life. But there’s good & bad news about it!

Good news first! it’s supported across all Apple devices running on iOS 11.

The bad news Apple doesn’t give a way to transfer HEVC videos to iOS devices ☹ Even iTunes won’t allow you to transfer HEVC& VP9 videos to the gallery! Isn’t that really disappointing? These days most of the video capturing devices (e.g. GoPro etc) prefer encoding videos in x265 (or you can say H.265 encoder) because of the obvious compression capabilities. Obviously, you WOULD NOT want to DOWN SCALE or convert HEVC into H.264 or other format and compromise on the video quality.

So, the question is How can I transfer HEVC to iPhone & iPad without converting it to another format?

CnX Player – Play & Cast video player app on iPhone & iPad gives its users a flexibility to easily transfer HEVC, VP9 and all other videos to and from iPhone, iPad.

Using CnX 4K Video Player you can now transfer videos from any OS (Windows, Linux, Android, Mac) to iPhone & iPad. Check out 3 simple ways in which you can easily transfer any video format & any video codec files to iPhone & iPad within seconds!

Quick & Easy way to import HEVC Videos into iPhone & iPad

1. Wifi Video Management –Transfer ANY video between iPhone, iPad & other devices without any wires.

2. Airdrop videos from cloud & other apps – Transfer ANY video from other apps into CnX Media Player media library and play them seamlessly.

3. File sharing via iTunes – Import ANY video from PC or other device to your iPhone & iPad via CnX Video Player