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External subtitle

  • On the Video playing screen click on the Subtitle Icon (top right side of player screen).
  • Screen will appear in front which will contain the different options related to subtitles.
  • Select the External Subtitle options from the left panel. At right panel all the subtitles will appear which are stored in the CnX Media.
  • You can upload the subtitle files into the Document directory of CnX Player by following the steps of File Sharing option of Add Media section.
  • Subtitle file formats supported are .sami, .smi, .srt


Media Storage

  • To change storage click on the More option button which appears at right side of the history view.
  • From the More options settings which gets appear after clicking button. Select the storage which you like to display.
  • The storage which we support are CnX Media, iTunes Media and Camera Media

Media Copy from iTunes and Camera

  • By long clicking on the video container in iTunes Media and Camera Media, one popup will appear which will contain information about the file selected.
  • At the bottom of the popup Copy button will be present, by clicking on that button copying process will start. If the video is already present in the CnX Media error message will appear.
  • In case of copying process, download manager will appear and will show the progress of the file copying. You can stop the process in between by clicking on the cross button relative to the file which you want to cancel.
  • You can also close the download manager in between if you want to perform some other operation in application by clicking on close button of the download manager popup.
    REMEMBER: By closing the download manager popup process of copying will not get stopped, it will work in background.
  • You can also view the background copying process by opening download manager from the Navigation bar.


Delete multiple media

  • Long click on the video of CnX Media.
  • Edit mode will get open in which each video container will contain one button for selection. Click on the video container to select file.
  • You might have noticed that at bottom of your device one layout appears which contains three different options related to the mode which gets opened by long clicking.
  • By clicking on the Delete Button from the bottom bar all the selected videos will get deleted. The progress related to deletion will appear for your information.
Delete media via "Wi-Fi Management"
  • Open Navigation bar from the toggle button at top left corner on the main screen.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi Management option.
  • Popup will appear in center of the screen which contains the information about the network connected and also the addresses through which you can manage the application from the web browser. Type one of the two addresses into the url location of the web browser and press enter.
  • All the videos in your iPhone/iPad which are stored in CnX Media will appear in this web browser.
  • Select the videos you wish to delete. If there are multiple files selected then click on delete icon on top bar.



To do multitasking , follow the steps below:

  • 1. On the video playback full screen there is an icon with an inward arrow on top right corner.
  • 2. Tap on this icon, the video player screen will reduce down and float on top of the device screen.
  • 3. You can stretch the screen size by pulling down from the right bottom corner.
  • 4. You can now enjoy watching the video and at the back you can do any other work.
  • 5. To come back to normal screen size, tap on outward arrow on the bottom left corner of the floating screen.


Search Videos

  • Click on the search button on main home screen.
  • There will be a search bar on top of the screen, enter name of the video you are searching for.
  • Videos matching the text entered in the search bar will appear in the list below.


Hide/Show videos

To hide or show the videos, you need to hide or show the folder that contains the video. If you wish to hide selective videos, then use create a new folder and put those videos in this folder and then hide or show it. Follow the following steps::

  • Click on More option button which appears on the bottom right corner of the video history screen.
  • A popup will appear which will have Show/Hide Videos option at the bottom. Tap on this.
  • List of folders that have videos in them will appear here.
  • By default all the videos are shown, so none is hidden.
  • Tap on the folder which you wish to hide. Hidden folder will highlighted in red.
  • All the videos in the hidden folder will NOT BE SHOWN in the video collection.
  • To unhide or show the video, simply tap on the hidden folder and it will now show up in the video collection.



CnX Player home screen displays the history(time when it was played last) of videos that have been played. Count of videos to be maintained for history can be managed as below:

  • Open Navigation Bar from top left corner of home screen.
  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • Select History Count menu.
  • Choose the number of videos you wish to maintain the history for.

You can also Clear Playback history from the Navigation Bar --> Settings -- >> Clear Playback history