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Multitasking via Mini Player

How to do multitasking in CnX player ?

CnX Player offers a really exciting feature of Multitasking and helps you save time ! Which means you can do other things on your PC or Tablet and enjoy watching the video parallelly in a mini screen.

To do multitasking , follow the steps below:

Multitasking via mini player | CnX Player | Windows 10 - Desktop / Tablet | Microsoft Store

  • On the video playback screen there is a square icon , just before the settings button.
  • Click this icon, CnX Player will now switch to a mini player aka floating window player.
  • You can stretch the screen by dragging from the corner.
  • You can now enjoy watching the video and at the back you can do any other work.
  • To come back to normal screen size, either double click on the mini player screen or you can simply click on the square icon at the bottom right corner or mini player screen.

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