iTunes-Media (Tag)

CnX Player provides a great feature through you can easily switch to different kind of media storage under one application. Means you can view videos from iTunes and camera storage at one place.

Media Storage

Follow the below steps to change the video storage :

1: To change storage click on the "More option" button which appears at right side of the history view.

2: From the More options settings which gets appear after clicking button. Select the storage which you like to display.

3: The storage which we support are "CnX Media", "iTunes Media" and "Camera Media"

CnX Player has the feature to play the videos which is in iTunes Storage. You can switch the video storage within the application from the more option feature. Our platform allows you to access all you media content at one place which make us different from other video players available in the market.

Follow the below steps to sync iTunes videos with your device :

1: Open iTunes and ensure the videos your wish to sync are listed in the Movies (or TV Shows) section.

2: Select the device you wish to sync with from the left sidebar.

3: Go to Movies section inside device and select the movies which you want to synced to the device. After selection of movies click on the Apply button at the bottom of iTunes.

4: synched Videos can be viewed in the "iTunes Media".

5: To open "iTunes Media" in application, please visit more options settings by clicking on the "More option" button at right bottom side of history view. From that very opened view click on the "iTunes Media" and all the synched videos will get appear in the application.